Don't just build emails

MassMailer email wizard is very simple to use and has a salesforce friendly interfaces, with this wizard you can set emails, send them immediately or schedule for later. Click here to watch Mass Email Wizard feature demo

Monitor Results

You can easily measure the performance of your emails with accurate and detailed can track email opens, click - though , bouches, spams, unsubscribes  etc.

Optimize Emails

You can save and edit email templates on salesforce using MassMailer. By monitoring the performance of your email templates, you can optimize your already used email templates for better performance and not having to recreate the template each time.

Salesforce Campaigns

MassMailer enable  you to send emails to your campaign members, leads and contacts all together from within Salesforce. Thus, saving your time and effort. Click here to watch how to send mass emails using Salesforce campaign

Stay in touch

Send emails to your contact requesting for updated contact information. MassMailer also provides the functionality to auto update the contact information on  salesforce. Click here to watch how to send mass stay-in-touch emails in Salesforce using MassMailer

Unlimited Emails

Be limitless! You can send unlimited emails from Salesforce using MassMailer. You can send emails beyond daily batch limits.

Extend MassMailer

User our native Salesforce Developer APIs to extend the functionality of MassMailer. For example you can trigger transactional emails with custom coding using our APIs. Click here to view our Developer APIs