According to Jupiter Research, more than 20 percent of email IDs in any email list are invalid. This could be because of typos, wrong domain names, and fake entries. This means that one out of every 5 emails you send goes to waste. Yet, you pay for every email you send – valid or fake.

The worst part is that email service providers (ESPs) penalize you if your list contains too many invalid email IDs. This is a big risk. If blacklisted, you would lose revenue, and struggle to regain your lost reputation. Considering this, removing bad email IDs should be a top priority for your email marketing efforts.

If you have a small list of a few hundred email IDs, you can identify fake email IDs manually and remove them. But most organizations have email lists running into the thousands, or hundreds of thousands. How do you verify such huge lists? Enter MassMailer.

MassMailer’s email verification features let you verify any number of email IDs. It automates the entire process, and not only saves you time, but ensures your email list is high quality.

Here are some reasons MassMailer’s email verification tool is so powerful:

  • Real Time Verification/API service
  • Provide Custom jobs
  • Bulk Email Verification
  • Bad domains detection
  • Role accounts detection
  • Disposable email address (DEA) detection
  • No software download and installation required
  • On demand free trial

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